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This one of a kind Maligano Jasper necklace is to die for. If you take some time to study the surface of this magnificent stone, you will find an entire world waiting for you.


The necklace is made from fine silver with a heart cut out of the backside so the wearer knows they are loved and you can see this stone's beauty from both sides. 14k gold accents pull out the bright copper yellow accents in the stone. This is a large statement talisman necklace ready to go places. Finished on a woven wheat chain 18/20". The Talisman is slightly larger than 2" top to bottom and side to side.


Maligano Jasper is a protective, healing and grounding stone. It is believed to repel negativity, keep you safe in navigating life transformations and encourages harmony, balance and stability. It offers comfort and peace and can help melt away stress or tension.

Maligano Jasper Master Healing Talisman Necklace

$595.00 Regular Price
$505.75Sale Price
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