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One of a kind sterling silver Fire Element Pyrite Power of three earrings. Measures 1 1/4" wide a just over 2" long with earwire.


Pyrite carries a radiant energy that aligns with the fiery aspect of its elemental association. This energy can ignite passion, enthusiasm, and creativity. The Fire element represents personal power, and pyrite's energy can amplify this aspect.


Pyrite's golden color and radiant energy resonate with the sun's solar energy. The sun represents vitality, personal power, and self-expression. Pyrite's association with the solar plexus energy center, which connects to the sun's energy, can amplify one's personal power, confidence, and manifestation abilities.


Number: Pyrite resonates with the number 3, which is a symbol of creativity, communication, and expansion. The number 3 represents the body, mind, and spirit. It also represents the three phases of life: birth, death, and rebirth. Working with pyrite's vibration of 3, you can enhance your creative expression, communication skills, and personal growth. You can also embrace change and transformation as opportunities for learning and evolution.

Pyrite Power of Three Fire Element Talisman Earrings

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