This one of a kind Fine Silver Talisman necklace is created with a Teal Kyanite cabochon on an ox sterling cable chaine. The pendant is 5/8".


Kyanite is the stone of Clarity Healing and Protection.


The energy of Teal Kyanite will stimulate the higher chakras, including the crown chakra and soul star chakra, which are located above the third eye.


Both Teal and Indigo Kyanite have a strong third eye energy, and both will help to open you to spiritual honesty, and may help spiritual energy to flow through to your thoughts. 


Within the higher chakras it may assist you with the development of psychic abilities. This may activate dormant psychic abilities, and stimulate lucid dreams and even astral travel.


This stone may inspire loyalty and fair treatment of other people. The beautiful Teal Kyanite stone also helps to stimulate the birth of various psychic gifts.

Teal Kyanite Drop Clarity Healing Heart Opening Talisman