Fine Silver one of a kind necklace. 14k gold dots on a gold filled white and blue chalcedony cluster chain 16/18".



Chalcedony has the power to soothe self-doubt and bring inner peace to the wearer. It is believed that blue chalcedony helps in calming and centering the emotional energy, while encouraging the wearer to acquire tranquility. 


This animal totem is primarily associated with the symbolism of change and transformation. Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life, personality. Moving through different life cycles. Renewal, rebirth. The lightness of being, playfulness.


Many moons ago my Reiki master teacher and I journey to a labyrinth to discover my spirit animals.

The two that came to me in real life as I was walking on a path was sweet little butterfly that led me to a gorgeous cardinal.


My first husband Greg knew about these sacred symbols. And after he died and I returned to his home in Maryland to take his ashes along side the two dogs we had lost before him, I was greeted by a gorgeous group of yellow butterflies and a single cardinal bird that came his resting place each day I visited.


I shared these incredible experiences with my dear friends edie and Dave. They gifted me a gorgeous trio butterfly mobile in remembrance of him.That sweet couple left this earthly plane a few years ago.

I proudly display this precious mobile outside my window every year and now all three butterflies are represented by one of their beautiful souls.


Butterfly energy is all about transformation and I know there are other spirited seekers out there who share my affinity for these beautiful little beings.

Trio Butterfly Chalcedony Gold Dot Talisman Necklace