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The divine combination
energy healing & talisman creation

talisman tales book cover may23 .jpg

Want to be in my book?

I am wriring my first book about the powerful combination of connecting to spirit through energy healing and designing a piece of jewelry as a response.


I am looking for anyone ready for this process. As a gift to you, I am waving the $255 initial energy session cost. We can work long distance anywhere around the world or you can come to the studio in midcoast Maine if you are local. 

Then we will work together to create your piece. The cost of the jewelry will be the only cost. I would also like permission to share your story in the book. You can remain anonymous and will have full access to all that is written.

Read below to learn all about the deep dive energy session and how this all works. If it feels like a YES! then make an appointment and let's talk!

Maggie combines her powerful long distance energy healing and embodiment coaching with talisman creation in this one incredible combination.

Together, you and Maggie will mark this time in your life with a sacred piece of jewelry after receiving the important healing energy you need to remind you of your gifts.

You can come to Maggie in a time of need or to celebrate a victory already come to pass.

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how does the energy healing & design process work?

You will make a connection call with Maggie to discuss your project. You don't need to have a clear picture of what you want to heal or shift. If you feel drawn to this process, then you know the connection is real and you are ready for it. You two will figure out your journey together. Once you meet, Maggie will design an energy program that will incorporate the creation of your sacred talisman.

Your Energy Healing Talisman Creation Offering Includes:

~ an intuitive energy healing treatment before jewelry creation

~ one on one phone calls before and after the session

~ angel and energy card reading

~ a custom healing cystal grid

~ Access to an online diary with all of my session notes, images and messages to refer to anytime.

~ your personal talisman to take with you along your journey infused with your intention and love

watch a 2 minute movie about The Divine Combination

angela lapis talisman.jpg

A Protection Talisman

"When my partner gifted me with a beautiful and very old Egyptian lapis lazuli scarab bead, I knew I needed Maggie to create a talisman from it. I have been doing energy work with Maggie for years, letting go of traumas and learning to respect and love myself for the person I am. While the scarab symbolizes protection, the Lapis Lazuli helps find inner peace, intuition, wisdom and clears the throat chakra. Maggie is extremely gifted on so many levels. Knowing my path and what I would need from a talisman, she created this stunning necklace that I will forever hold dear. I cried and cried. I feel powerful and safe while wearing it. It is my heirloom, my protection, and a reminder of all the work we have done together in my healing journey."~ Angela W.

Courage Cocktail Ring

“Working with Maggie is a joy. She’s quick, funny, and full of heart. Every session is a new way of seeing one’s old challenges! And Maggie has a way of seeing into you that makes you feel like you’ve known one another forever. Her healing work is equally impressive and unlike any other I’ve experienced before.


Her unique combination of reiki, channeling and somatic movement have created awesome shifts in my life and in how I show up for myself and others. Being a personal and professional coach, it was so wonderful to be held with such compassion—so rare for someone who is used to giving so much. I loved that we were able to get to the root cause of my chief saboteurs, heal them, and hear reinforcing messages from the other side. I felt the difference after one session, but have felt even more comfortable and sure in my skin since the second session.

blue opal protection ring may21.jpg

From start to finish, Maggie brings in wonderful touches to create a long-lasting healing experience. To have a visual and energetic reminder of all that I learned, Maggie also made me a custom talisman ring, which I love! If you’re wondering if this is for you, just go for it! It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Healers need help, too. Thank you, Maggie, for holding the space for me in such an transformative way." ~ Lori V.

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