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energy infused jewelry explained

Everything is energy. The ancient practice of Reiki is an effective and powerful way to shift energy in a person and through the objects they hold dear in their lives. Whether a talisman contains crystal gemstones or is made of only precious metals, it contains memory and magic that can be activated when Reiki healing energy is infused. 

Maggie performs a sacred ritual on all of her custom work that cleanses, clears, charges, and intends for your talisman piece of jewelry. She learned it through her Healing Crystal Guide training and has learned to incorporate Reiki symbols to deepen their long-term effect on the wearer. One of her gifts is sharing this ritual with her clients so they may recharge their talisman anytime they need a boost.

Maggie's healing offerings are vast and worth exploring. If you have landed here, chances are you are ready to work with Maggie on a deeper level. Please visit Maggie Moore World!

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