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energy infused talisman jewelry

multi metal london blue topaz mj test ri

Maggie has been making energy-infused talisman jewelry for clients for nearly twenty years.


She has been honored to make engagement rings,wedding bands, talisman necklaces, cuff bracelets, healing stone earrings, and other one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients.

Each piece is infused with her reiki energy. She allows her intuition to help her create the most unique piece that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself that you can wear for a lifetime.

Scroll down to view a few examples of her work...

How Does The Design Process Work?

First thing you do is make a connection zoom call with Maggie to discuss your project. You don't need to have any knowledge of stones or healing or even an exact picture of what you want. If you were drawn to Maggie's work, then you know the connection is real. You two will figure out your design together.

Once you meet via zoom, Maggie will work on sketches, research the right stones and materials to use and send you an estimate. 

Once your design is finalized, Maggie will make your sacred talisman and infused it with reiki by placing her hands on your jewelry and setting the intention for its purpose. She might connect with spirit and have a message for you or feel drawn to pull a sacred angel card that will support you in your journey.

Once payment is final, you receive your piece and the magic in your life will begin!

Sacred Shard Necklace

This past year + has been difficult in different ways for everybody. One of the hardest things for me was not being able to spend much time with my kids. When I dropped and broke by accident a mug that my daughter had given me years ago as a gift I just fell apart for a few moments and I actually burst into tears. I LOVE that mug and used it everyday!

Maggie was incredibly understanding, helpful, patient, creative, professional, all together wonderful, during this totally new process for me. 

When I received the pendant, well... I cried again, this time from happiness! My daughter was actually with me when the package arrived. We loved it. Soo beautiful, it exceeded all expectations. It feels great. I told Maggie that now I could break something else to do it all over again ;)
” ~ Isabella D.

isabella silver chip necklace
deb talisman flintstone wings

Connection to Source

"Maggie and I created a personal talisman that captures my simplistic style, yet portrays a powerful statement that embraces the courage and confidence of my inner and playful self. Working with Maggie on this level has brought a delight in my life and how I continue to evolve and grow into my life work.  What a joy to design alongside such talent, create a custom and personalized piece that truly reflects the parts within me that others might recognize when I forget. 


My gorgeous necklace is a treasured piece that I admire every time my eyes fall upon it, reminding me of the treasure I am by the one who created me." ~ Deborah B.

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